Nuestra lámpara de mesa moderna Cycle, está fabricada con materiales de aluminio y metacrilato. Dispone de un puerto usb para poder cargar el dispositivo móvil. Incluye módulo led.


Altura: 26cm.

Anchura: 10,5cm.

Largo: 15cm.

Acabado: Aluminio y metacrilato. 


  • Amisha Hawes • publicado
    I really like these - I've bought two to for bedside lamps.

    They feel well made and sturdy. The plug is UK standard with a built in transformer - it's about the size of a USB phone charger. The cable is long enough for a bedside lamp at about 1.5metres and plugs into a concealed socket within the base which has a pleasant silicone feel to it to stop it sliding around.
  • Misha Read • publicado
    Love this light. Was worried it wouldnt give off enough light for what I am using it for but its fab. Love all the settings.
  • Cai Philip • publicado
    I bought this lovely lamp for my sons bedroom. It looks great and is so on trend. He loves it. It was a brilliant service by the seller and arrived in plenty of time. Highly recommend
  • Glyn Patel • publicado
    I bought this to provide illumination at my work desk. I wanted a really cold white light and am very pleased that this is what the light produces as its default setting. The lamp is not heavy, so is easy to move around and I have found the design aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sannah Prince • publicado
    We edit photos so we tend to work in a darkened workspace than the normal office. But it's great to be able to see where we've put our coffee and also to see our keyboards. The light strength and white balance can be adjusted to our personal requirements. Ideal for our purpose. I'm thinking of getting a couple for my bedside. Great value.
  • Raymond Golden • publicado
    Very nice lamp, I use on dressing table for make up and hair styling. Doesn’t take up much space. Looks neat. Very good value for money.
  • Sneha Russell • publicado
    This is a great little lamp, I use it on my dressing table, next to my mirror, but it would also make a good reading lamp.
  • Reginald Peck • publicado
    I am very impressed by this lamp - it's exactly what I was looking for the brightness is perfect and the fact that it has so many levels of brightness and colour of light makes is good for evening or day time use. Its practical. I would have liked the plug cord to be a little longer as I am having to unplug it when I am done using it to avoid tripping. But then this is due to how my room is set up I guess so no big deal. I would highly recommend.
  • Lily-Grace Price • publicado
    Good lamp, works very well and provides plenty of light. My wife uses this for sewing and is happy with the light itself. Be aware that the middle is hollow and there is NO magnifying lense there, the design gives the impression that there might be a lense but there is not. I'm guessing you might be able to find one that fits..
  • Riya Rich • publicado
    A friend recommended this to me and I decided to buy one for myself and I am so happy with this lamp! The settings are fab and I love being able to change the tone of the lighting, the warm white is perfect for drawing at all hours of the day. It’s a good size and very lightweight and is so easy to use. Absolutely chuffed with it for the money, 10/10!
  • Ursula Dunkley • publicado
    Great lamp. Wanted it for my craft room. It is just what I wanted. It does not hurt my eyes like my previous light did. Looks great too.
  • Giuseppe Harwood • publicado
    That was my saviour since i needed something for my desk and the other lights reflected of the white paper so much that id hurt my eyes. This one's 3rd setting was soo good for that problem, because its like a candle light idk how to explain it but i could sit on my desk for hours and i didnt get sore eyes anymore ^ __ ^
  • Natalie Finney • publicado
    I liked this lamp because it is very good for close work like embroidery
  • Brett Frederick • publicado
    The lamp is very bright but has the option to switch between bright light and warm light and then to change the level of brightness of both. Very easy to use and it works very well. But mostly I love it because it looks very smart and modern on the desk. Good product, fair price I think.
  • Roxy Page • publicado
    Love this light .. you can have daylight bright or dim it . I use it in my art studio, it doesn't cast a shadow on my painting . Would recommend it to anyone.
  • Aaran Jones • publicado
    This product is amazing, I have tried other daylight lamps before but I really like this one, lovely and bright, you can always tone down the brightness aswell and it has three different light colours. Really happy with the product. Thanks
  • Muneeb Morales • publicado
    Super bright, but not blinding white light used for applying makeup and a subtle warm light for background atmosphere.
  • Rania Cowan • publicado
    I use this mainly for when I'm building models, painting or do things up close.
    It's a great lamp with multiple lighting strengths and the ability to switch between warm and cool light or to combine them both.
    I love it.
  • Letitia Matthams • publicado
    This is my second lamp because my husban was keep stealing first from me.
    For me all the normal lights are too soft. I am working from home a lot and most of my work is done in the evenings and I need a good light. I am very happy with brightness of this lamp. I can adjust brightness level and it is perfect for me and also for my husband.
    I gave away my normal lamp and bought second one for my husband who loves it also.
    It is worth every penny.
  • Sylvia Ratcliffe • publicado
    I needed a replacement lamp for my bedroom and wanted something small and this fits the bill.
    It’s so handy to have a remote control because the cable with the switch is quite hard to reach where I’ve placed the lamp.
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