Ona is a design publisher with a strong link with the world of architecture, design, art, and culture. Our passion is to realize our clients' design lighting projects and creating custom lamps. In addition to the design and quality of our products, we are specialized in developing and manufacturing those ideas, concepts and lighting products that our clients propose in their architecture and interior design projects. Whether it's a custom large format lamp for a restaurant or a small table light for a hotel room, it matters to us.

The implementation of the illumination ideas of architects, interior designers, and decorators is our mission. We care about each project and can guarantee a direct and close communication in the development of each project, as we don't have intermediates. This allows us to be even more creative and maintain a close and unique cooperation with our clients.


From idea to developing the design, manufacture the custom lamp, submission, installation and final touch - Ona will be there throughout the whole process to guarantee the best possible outcome of the project.

The world is our workplace and we have realized design lighting projects nationally and internationally, contact us with your idea.

To see some of our lighting projects and custom lamps, click here.

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